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Love is an energy wave so use it more when you question others

July 26th, 2011 Kevin

What’s this post about?

This post claims love is a waveform. Scientists have shown love creates an energy that passes from one to another by waveform. The creator creates the wave and sends it to the other person. That’s it.

And what’s your point?

Since love is energy, an actual waveform, we can question by sending the love wave (with our words, tone, body language and touch). People will, pardon the pun, love us more for doing that.

I don’t believe you; can you prove it?

Yes. Search “Manfred Clynes,” a musician and neuroscientist. He discovered that a “love touch” creates a distinct wave. Then there is the heart coherence work of “Heart Math.” Check them out.

And how does this work exactly?

Prior to your question, feel appreciation and love for the other person. Be clear to let your body and words express your feeling of love. Do this and you will send a waveform of love with your question.

I still don’t believe you. Why should I do this, what if it doesn’t work?

What have you got to lose? Don’t you enjoy it when others send love your way? Try it!

You make a point.

Okay, so give it a try and let me know how it goes here:



Kevin Leahy, founder

Knowledge Advocate, LLC

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