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Dating questions and business questions

Early on when dating, questions are filled with wonder.

Early dating questions are full of wonder. They focus on the other person. Over time, patterns form and the questions can change. Or stop. Which is too bad because curiosity can get set aside in favor of an expected set of behaviors.

Familiarity, proximity, and time reduce the creativity of our questions.

Over time, we can get comfortable with one another and the creative, wonder-filled questions can slow down or stop. This is a shame; it is one of the reasons relationship can suffer. People get bored with one another and assume they need no more creative questioning. They rely instead on a patterned-approach to how the other person gets on, a “I know what will happen next” way of thinking. When that happens, it spells trouble for the relationship.

Business suffers from an “I know what happens here” attitude too.

Just like dating, people new to a business are curious and filled with wonder. They ask great, inquisitive questions. They take nothing for granted and seek details with their questions. Over time, though, they become “experts” and “know it when they see it.” There is a push to get more “efficient” when it comes to personal interactions. This too is sad and can be a bad thing. The questions change or stop and the creativity, uniqueness, and out-of-the-ordinary approaches to business get neglected.

Creative, wonder-filled questions help sustain business excellence.

The ability to ask curious, wonder-filled questions, even after someone attains a certain level of business expertise, can help businesses and the people that run them remain relevant and fun. Expecting the unexpected, not giving in to predictable patterns, and remaining true to the use of wonder-filled questions is an excellent way to ensure that businesses remain current and successful.

Dating questions, like business questions, ought to remain wonder-filled.

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