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Where can I find a brain trainer?

June 24th, 2012 Kevin

What’s this post about?

Brain training.

Where can I find a good brain trainer?

In the mirror.


You are a brain trainer and so are teachers, moms, dads, managers, and best friends.

What on earth do you mean?

Any one who influences you enough to cause a change in you has changed your brain. Since you (the conscious you) influence your brain daily, you are a brain trainer.

You mean changing my brain is the same thing as training my brain?

Could be; training implies purpose. A lot of brain changes just happen. It is better in my opinion to be in charge of those changes. That way, you are training your brain instead of your brain training you.

What do you mean about the brain being separate from me; I am my brain!

Well then stop eating those donuts! Start being nicer to that friend or spouse! Go ahead and finish that nagging project today! Avoid the seventh beer!

If there is a delay after I make up my mind, you mean it’s my brain’s fault?

In a way, yes. The brain works mostly on past patterns. Mindful decisions take time to sink in. That’s why practice, repetition, and persistence pay off in the brain change game.

What about when I make up my mind and then do something else?

Hard, right? We are great at making up our minds. Sadly, at times we come to find out that our brains decided to do something else.

You have an example?

Sure: My wife wants to see Cher in the movie Moonstruck. To please her, I say, “Sure, I’ll go,” and my body, in full cellular mutiny, slumps down and caves in. She says, “You don’t really want to do.” I say, “I said I’d go.” This is an example of me making up my mind and my brain and body not following along. Did they not hear me? Oy.

So anyway, are you a brain trainer?


How do you describe what you do?

I help train clients’ brains so they become more successful in life.

Train their brains for what?

With better brains they perform better in business and elsewhere.

Are there other reasons people seek you out to train their brains?


Such as?

Some of my clients want to handle urges better, avoid confrontations that are unsolvable, and reduce the emotional drag that can ruin their relationships.

Training the brain does all that?

Yes. The brain is amazing. For instance, if you believe a sugar pill will cure your ills your chance of recovery goes way up. Brain training can increase your belief powers.

How can anyone be a brain trainer if they don’t know about the brain?

That is a downside of being a brain trainer. It makes sense that as a part of the responsibility to train brains, it is real important to know about them.

So moms and dads should know how their kids’ brains develop?

I think that is an excellent idea.

Leaders and managers should know how employee brains work?

You bet.

My friends, do they need to know about the brain?

If they advise you, yes, because their advice relates to behaviors. Knowing about the brain wiring that generates behaviors will put their advice on more solid ground.

Are teachers brain trainers?

Yes, they are some of the most important brain trainers in the world.

Should teachers know how the brains of their students work?

That makes a ton of sense to me.

Can you summarize this post?

We are all brain trainers, of our own brains if nothing else. If you are a teacher, mom, dad, boss, manager, or leader, you are a brain trainer. And, you will serve your students, kids, or employees better when you know how their brains really work. Psychology is a great start, add to it advances in linguistics and communications science, sociology, anthropology, management science, and neuroscience. Knowing how the brains of your people work is a great first step to helping them train their brains to work better, smarter, and with more trust, love, and responsibility.

Anything else?

You can learn more about brain training here:


Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Kevin Leahy, Founder

Knowledge Advocate, LLC

Austin, Texas

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