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May 5-6, 2012 Performance Workshop for The Mind Athlete™ Program

April 12th, 2012 Kevin No comments

Our next Mind Athlete™ Program will be held at Tech Ranch, in Austin, Texas, on May 5-6, 2012. Tech Ranch is located at the intersection of 360, MoPac, and 183. Learn more here: Both days begin at 9am and end by 1 pm. There are four follow up “laboratories” that take place on subsequent weekends. They are optional and help put your learning to good use.

What will the attendees do in the program?

1) Communicate: you use the Language GEMS to “talk” directly with your brain so it really understands you.

2) Lead: you use the Fever Pitch model to rewire your brain to follow your vision and meet your needs.

3) Manage: the Brain Team™ model helps your brain learn to cooperate like a team for your life successes.

What do attendees get for the four hours of commitment each day?

First: more knowledge about how the brain works. This helps you fix and tweak areas in your brain worth fixing and tweaking.

Second: rewiring advice that will improve your performance. You rewire your brain and directly impact your bottom line.

Third: practical methods to deal with your brain directly. You get a united brain and mind and achieve better results at work and in life.

Do you have examples of that third category?

Sure: lift your eyebrows up because gestures change moods (when you lift your eyebrows up, your brain thinks you are in the state of mind of wonder or surprise and therefore you cannot remain angry or frustrated). Do some simple math calculations and watch your negative self-talk stop dead in its tracks (turns out where our brains do math includes different areas than where they do spoken language, such as negative self talk, so doing math leaves few resources for brain areas that ruminate our negative thoughts).

Can you summarize the benefits of the program in one sentence?

The program lets you resource your brain on purpose to achieve what you want. This helps you avoid automatic (and not always helpful) ways the brain resources itself, including too much emotion, not enough focus, or a lack of attention and care for others.

How much does the Mind Athlete Program cost?

Admission is $600 for the complete course, there is a $100 early bird discount and there are group discounts available as well.

Final thoughts?

Graduates of the program are:

1) impressed with how much they now know about their brains and how to help them work better;

2) able to share their learning with coworkers and loved ones to help them improve their own brains as well;

3) on a journey to improve their brains so they can leverage their mental powers and get the most out of life.

I look forward to seeing you in the program. Cheers!

Kevin Leahy

Austin, Texas

Email for more information here:

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