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Join our next Mind Athlete™ Program coming January 21, 2012

December 1st, 2011 Kevin No comments

The next Mind Athlete Program begins on January 21, 2012. Here is what you can expect if you attend.

You will learn the details of how your brain works

You study the brain areas and functions that are “must knows” when it comes to understanding how your brain works; then, you can treat your brain like an integrated team and lead it to great personal successes.

You will focus on at least one of your brain’s unique abilities and strengthen it

You will focus on at least one of three major brain-performance areas: executive function; emotional function; or relationship function. The program helps you build up leadership abilities in those areas.

You will learn exercises that strengthen your brain as if it were a muscle

Mind athletes use exercises that build up their brain functions. When you do that you get better perspective, more control, and you begin to sense that your efforts to improve your brain are paying off.

How much time is involved?

The minimum time commitment averages five hours per week. That includes attendance at sessions; the first session lasts for two hours and the remaining sessions are an hour and a half each. The rest of the time is spent at peer group meetings, watching videos, reading, and performing the mind athlete exercises.

Why so much time?

As with any skill-based effort, the more time you invest, the more return you will get. The times mentioned are minimums, we encourage that you maximize your time and effort to maximize the benefits.

When do you meet?

The formal sessions are held on Saturday, starting January 21, 2012. Formal sessions happen every two weeks, and peer groups arrange for a convenient time to meet during the week between formal sessions.

Why do people take this course?

There are three main reasons people take the course:

Purpose: many of the athletes are business owners, managers, and leaders in their workplaces. They wish to learn more about how brains work so they can help others maximize how they use their brains.

Pain: a few athletes deal with hard to control urges or pain from emotional strain. For example, the program works on regret or frustration that arises from deep within the automatic functioning of our brains.

Performance: most mind athletes seek to improve how they perform at work and in life. They aim for better focus, clarity, and tenacity to plan and act. The program addresses these things, and more.

Are there any other reasons people attend?

Yes. A common reason is curiosity. Many people wonder if the mind athlete program is for them, some attend to find out. As with anything, the best way to participate in a skill-based program is to do the work. That said, curiosity can lead to a deeper understanding of the material and for many, it is the first step in the journey towards exploring a more active practice of mental excellence.

What are mind athlete graduates saying?

Good question. More to the point, how are they doing? The reports are great, from their experiences, here is what you can expect.

First, there is comfort, although some ambivalence remains, in knowing far more about a critical part of you that has historically been off limits due to a lack of information: your brain.

Second, you rely on the mind athlete exercises that have proven most helpful for you, everyone is different and takes to the exercises differently; you find the ones best for you.

Third, you see and feel the benefits when you begin to hold meetings with your brain team, communicate with individual brain team members with respect, and coach them to great results.

Fourth, your eyes are open to the amazing opportunities of brain control, brain management, and brain leadership that you simply had not considered before.

Can you summarize the gains of the program?

Sure. Just like with your physical exercise, the program gives mental exercises context and focus. You tackle routines that help you convert your first nature instincts, or your second nature preferences, into a third nature way of being, which is a way of being mindful in the moment. Then you command, control, and lead your brain to great success. Fewer hijacks, fewer unconscious missteps. As that command and control increases for you, there is a good, authentic, satisfied feeling that emerges. Just like any athlete, you begin to take on more challenges, just for the sport of it. As you do more of that, you raise your performance at work and in life to a whole new level.

I hope you consider the program. We would love to have you.

Kevin Leahy, founder

Knowledge Advocate, LLC

Austin, Texas

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