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The stable and unstable consciousness

September 26th, 2009 Kevin No comments

There are lots of different ways to categorize folks. Myers Briggs, based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung, the DiSC profiles, Enneagram evaluations, they all offer great insights.

There is a sliding scale of people I meet at Knowledge Advocate interviews: those who have very stable consciousnesses, and then those who have very unstable consciousnesses.

Stable consciousness people like to stay in control, they appreciate knowing things well before speaking about them, and they will rarely stray into new territory on first question.

The unstable consciousness kind are perfectly fine offering hunches, thoughts, and opinions with the slightest provocation. They explore what’s on their minds in real time.

These two types, and those in between, work well together; they compliment one another. In chaotic, changing times, we can learn much from the unstable consciousness folks.

The unstable consciousness people can annoy others with their creative, out of the box thinking. On the other hand, they can connect things in wonderful, helpful ways.

During interviews, those are the folks that get “in the zone”, and let things happen. The results of their answers teach them insights and give them hope.

There is more to us than our conscious thoughts. Great questions help you reach those hard to reach parts that solve problems and create opportunities. Listen to your answers, and learn.

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What we know must first be in our minds

September 26th, 2009 Kevin No comments

We know nothing that is not already in our heads, or engrained in some part of our bodies. Everything we offer comes from somewhere within us.

This point has interesting consequences during questioning. Challenging questions allow people the opportunity to explore that which they do not know.

Some folks shy away from the opportunity. Some jump right in.

Here’s the rub: the better, higher level questions help us learn. In the act of answering and calling upon what we know we help ourselves learn and solidify what we know.

Permitting smart, high level questioning offers us all great learning opportunities. Its like the class room in our own heads.

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Three million years…

September 26th, 2009 Kevin No comments

Our bodies and minds have been at this a long time. Three million years, give or take. That is a long time to set our ways in motion. Now that we are conscious enough to think about it, first, what a marvel! Second, what a complex puzzle! Third, let’s untangle it!

Neuroscience is helping us. We are learning how we learn and for what reasons. And there are several other fields that overlap and continue to bring us great discoveries. Although I call this topic “Our brain power” consider it a complete package: what our entire bodies are capable of, when given a chance. For example, lift your eyebrows next time you are mad, see what happens.

This post topic will house musings on how important it is to know what our brain is up to. Cheers!

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